Starfish Feeder Extasy Groundbait - Roach - 2.5kg



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Starfish Feeder Extasy Groundbait - Roach - 2.5kg
  • Excellent value range of European-produced groundbaits.
  • Developed by sport anglers, to suit a variety of angling situations and every budget.
  • Made with high quality, natural ingredients, impregnated with a food-based attractant aroma.
  • Mix with water and push through a sieve.  
  • Can be combined with worms, hemp, corn, castors or maggots etc.
  • Instructions for use on back of pack.
  • Colour: Natural.
  • Ingredients: grain cereals, bread, herbs, minerals, nuts, food aromas and dyes.
  • 2.5kg bag.
  • Colour: Dark Russet.
  • Donagh says: "This is a great value, great-sized bag, ideal for your longer days out, or when you have large shoals of big fish that require a large volume of bait.  This Roach version is a dark reddish (russet) mix, ideal for fishing in wild, clear Irish waters because it blends in with the bottom and the roach feel more comfortable coming over to feed.  It has tried-and-tested roach attracting flavours and medium particles including hemp, which is a favourite with roach anglers.  You can mix it dryer to burst out of a feeder or on the damper side to sink to the bottom of deep, quicker flowing water and release there."