MAP Anti-Twist Groundbait Catapult



SKU: R9250

MAP Anti-Twist Groundbait Catapult
  • MAP Anti Tangle Catapults feature a one-piece elastic design that runs through the catapult frame.
  • Available in two size options with a small designed to cover your pole line, and a medium for feeding bigger baits like 6 or 8mm pellets at range on the pellet waggler and bomb line.
  • With only two connection points on the elastic direct to the pouch, any twisting during repeated use is completely removed, so it doesn’t matter how you leave your catapult in between, or how many times it’s fired - when you next pick it up it’s good to go every time.
  • Anti twist design to eliminates tangles.
  • Single elastic through frame design.
  • Durable moulded mesh pouch.
  • Soft touch rubber handle
  • PTFE bushes to prolong elastic life.
  • Durable hollow elastic.
  • Ideal for particle baits
  • Available in two sizes - Small (Light Elastic) and Medium (Medium Elastic).
  • Use in conjunction with any of our great range of Groundbaits.
  • See the Product Video below: