Num'axes PIE1069 Full HD Trail Camera (with Solar Panel)



SKU: PIE1069

Num'axes PIE1069 Full HD Trail Camera (with Solar Panel)
+4 AA Batteries + 32GB SD Card
  • French-designed compact, easy-to-use/programme hunting and wildlife trail photo & video camera.
  • Allows you to capture photo, video or photo+video.
  • Built-in solar panel with 3.7V solar battery, offering an almost unlimited battery life outdoors.
    • Can be supplemented with alkaline batteries (pack of 4 supplied).
  • 32GB Memory Card (supplied).
  • PIR sensor (motion/heat sensor):
    • Detection angle: 90°;
    • Detection angle: 60°;
    • Detection distance: up to 65ft/20 meters;
    • Adjustable detection sensitivity: High | Medium | Low.
  • Infrared flash:
    • 26 invisible LED | Wavelength: 940 nm.
    • Flash range: up to 65 feet (20 meters).
    • Automatic IR Flash (activated according to ambient brightness).
    • Adjustable flash brightness: Auto | Medium | Low | OFF
  • Very quick trigger speed: approximately 0.3 second.
  • Capture modes:
    • Still images: from 1 to 10 images per trigger
    • Videos: programmable length from 5 seconds to 3 minutes
    • Still images + videos: a still photo and a video clip are both captured for each trigger.
  • Image sensor: 2 Mega Pixel color CMOS.
  • Image resolution: 2MP / 5MP / 8MP / 12MP / 16MP / 20MP.
  • Programmable shutter speed: 1/15 | 1/20 | 1/30.
  • Image file format: JPEG.
  • Video resolution: 368p / 480p / HD 720p / Full HD 1080p / Full HD 1296p / 2K
  • 30fps (frames per second).
  • Programmable audio recording (ON | OFF).
  • Video file format: MPEG-4.
  • PIR detection mode: the camera will take photos and/or videos when triggered by the PIR sensor (motion/heat sensor) detecting activity in the area it covers.
  • Time Lapse mode: the camera will take photos and/or videos automatically at your choice of interval. In this mode, the PIR sensor is deactivated.
  • Programmable operating time periods.
  • Stamp on photos/videos: date, time, temperature, moon phase, energy level, camera name.
  • Memory support: micro SD card up to 256GB, U1 class 10 minimum (included).
  • Night capture when energy level is low: 2 choices.
  • No IR flash: at night, if the power level is too low, the device will take photos/videos without triggering the infrared flash.
  • No capture, at night, if the power level is too low, the device will no longer take photos/videos. It will take them only by day.
  • Programmable camera identification number - allows you to identify from where and from which camera the photos/video was taken.
  • Password: programmable.
  • Cycle recording on the memory card: programmable (ON | OFF) - when set to ON, when the memory card is full, the camera will continue to record photos/videos by deleting the oldest ones.
  • Location for a padlock on the camera.
  • Weight: 433g (without batteries).
  • Weather-resistant IP66 casing.
  • Colour: Camo.
  • FREE Delivery anywhere on the island of Ireland.