Ilba Tondo Trout/Perch/Pike Spinner



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Ilba Tondo Trout/Perch/Pike Spinner

  • We are delighted to welcome this new brand of traditional European spinning lures to
  • Ilba lures have been designed & manufactured in Italy since 1960, and their product range is the result of careful, thoughtful craftsmanship in collaboration with expert anglers.
  • The Ilba Tondo is a metal spinning lure, extremely like the famous French Mepps Comet Spinner in look, feel and pattern.  
  • Like the Mepps Comet, Ilba's Tondo has an elongated blade with an angle of rotation of 45 degrees which perfectly mimics the motion of an insect.
  • It is highly-effective in quiet water, and very light in fast-flowing currents.
  • Variety of sizes and colourways available:
    • Size 0: Weight: 2g.
    • Size 1: Weight: 3g.
    • Size 2: Weight: 5g.
  • For sale individually, in packs of 5 or as a Bumper 25 Pack.
  • Product View: take a look at our video below, where Kevin gives you a better look at the Ilba Tondo Spinner!

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