MAP TKS Solid Core Hybrid Elastic (Pole/Match Fishing)



SKU: R9201

MAP TKS Solid Core Hybrid Elastic (Pole/Match Fishing)
  • TKS Hybrid elastic combines the durability of a solid elastic with incredible stretch - far more than a hollow elastic.
  • Super-durable.
  • Length: 6m.
  • Available in multiple diameters to cover any situation from silver fish right up to carp.
  • Size 4-6 - suited to most fishing in Ireland; great for roach/skimmers etc, but has the stretch power for larger bonus fish;
  • Size 6-8 - a little more powerful elastic suitable for roach, silver fish and bigger fish such as bream and tench;
  • Size 8-10 - more powerful again, for heavier-duty roach fishing, especially on rivers and for smaller carp and tench;
  • Size 10-12 - suited to river fishing and carp/tench;
  • Size 12-14 - ideal for bigger carp and tench, as well as fishing on rivers with very large floats;
  • Size 14-16 - perfect for bullying bigger fish away from vegetation/cover and snags.