Mitchell Catch Pro Telescopic Spinning Rod +Reel Combo


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Mitchell Catch Pro Telescopic Spinning Rod+Reel Combo

  • The Mitchell Catch Pro Tele Spin Combo is a nice all-round set, made for fishing predators with light crankbaits, spinners or softbaits and Nylon line.
  • The set consists of a:
  • Telescopic Mitchell Catch Pro Spinning Rod
    • 6ft, 7ft and 8ft models;
    • Solid blank;
    • Fast action;
    • Ergonomic, comfortable EVA handle;
    • Sleek, modern look;
    • TS quality guides;
    • Compact 6-section telescopic design.
  • Matching Mitchell Catch Pro FD Spinning Reel
    • 1 ball bearing;
    • Gear ratio: 5.1:1;
    • Spooled with high quality Nylon line.
  • Kevin says: "To extend the life of your telescopic rod, do not flick it out as this may jam the top section, making it difficult to retract again.  Instead, always extend section by section and hand-tighten as you go."