Kinetic XT-Run Micro Bite Alarm



SKU: G269009008

Kinetic XT-Run Micro Bite Alarm Set
  • Brand-new from Kinetic, the XT-Run series of Bite Alarms are a super-handy, easy-to-use solution for reliable bite detection.
  • This Micro version is a reliable, simple, no-nonsense bit alarm in a practical, compact size.
  • Adjustable volume to zero, via the on/off button.
  • Extra bright blue LED light. 
  • Memory function - remembers the last-used setting after switch=-ff.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Powered by, and supplied with, three LR44 batteries.
  • Kinetic X-Run Micro Alarms are designed to last a full season of average use on one set of batteries, thanks to their sophisticated electronics.
  • Does not include a wireless transmitter.
  • Size 35x80x25mm.