Holy Mackerel Bait Attractant Oil 120ml

Holy Mackerel Fish Oil Company


SKU: 0754590259422 NP

Holy Mackerel Attractant Oil 120ml
  • New to OpenSeason.ie, the Holy Mackerel range of bait, groundbait and deadbait attractant oils are a brilliant way to draw in predators and tempt them to attack.
  • The scent is combined with a water-soluble, aquatic-friendly brighly-coloured dye for extra attraction.
  • Add to fresh and frozen baits, as well as boilies, pellets, groundbait and stick mixes.
  • This version comes in a 120ml resealable dropper/squeeze bottle - easy and convenient to drop onto and mix into your bait, or to use in conjunction with the Holy Mackerel Oil & Air Syringe Set.