Westin W6-BC Baitcasting Reel



SKU: R004060015

Westin W6-BC Baitcasting Reel
  • OpenSeason.ie is delighted to introduce Westin's premium range of W6 series Baitcasting Reels.
  • Westin's flagship model, the W6 series sets new standards with unparalleled performance and cutting-edge features that push the boundaries of what's possible in baitcasting reels.
  • The W6 is designed to cater to every style of predator fishing - from light lures, like softbaits and crankbaits, or medium to heavy baits such as larger soft lures or jerkbaits, the W6 series provides exceptional versatility.
  • Crafted with durability and strength as top priorities, these reels feature robust one-piece aluminium frames that ensure rigid and reliable performance.
  • They are specifically engineered to tackle various predatory species, including pike, bass, perch, and even trout, the W6 is built to conquer any target.
  • Equipped with a host of innovative features, such as the proprietary Fast Line Connector spooling system, Line View, Internal Centrifugal Brake (CBS6), and finely-tuned gear ratios, these reels deliver consistently smooth operation.
  • With the freedom to choose your preferred gear ratio, choose the model that perfectly compliments your fishing style.
  • Experience the unmatched power, style, and versatility of the W6 series baitcasting reels.
  • Designed to exceed expectations, these reels provide anglers with the ultimate tools to conquer any fishing situation.
  • Left-Hand.
  • Aluminium frame and carbon sideplate.
  • 10+1 Sealed Stainless Ball Bearing for supreme smoothness.
  • Full carbon handle.
  • Non-slip rubber handle knobs.
  • 6-shoe centrifugal brake.
  • Lubricated with 3 different types of grease.
  • Multi-stack carbon drag.
  • GT-A gearing.
  • ION Frame coating.
  • Double anodised star drag.
  • Stay-on sideplate.
  • Stay-on tension knob.
  • Drag clicker.
  • Fast line connector on the spool
  • Delivered in a zipped, protective hard case.
  • Available in HSG (High Speed Gear)m MSG (Medium Speed Gear) and SSG (Low Speed Gear) models.
  • Free delivery anywhere in Ireland.