MAP Embed Inline Feeder



SKU: R6503

MAP Embed Inline Feeder
  • When using a feeder, it's often difficult to ensure that your hook bait remains in position underwater.   This can be due to the impact of the feeder hitting the water, or the movement of fish in the area. However, proper bait placement is crucial, especially during winter fishing when waiting for a bite takes longer.
  • The MAP Inline Embed Feeder is designed with a soft rubber line grip to hold your hook length in place for efficient and effective bait placement.
  • This clip allows you to adjust the length of the hook and its direction, all while remaining fish-safe and easily released when a fish bites.
  • This feeder is front-loaded for maximum casting distance and accuracy, featuring a sloped base that minimizes water displacement and noise on impact.
  • The angled vents protect your bait from dislodging and release it slowly, making it an ideal choice for wafters or popped-up hook baits, as well as pellets and other baits.
  • The deep inner body of the feeder allows for easy bait insertion and visibility to the fish. Additionally, this feeder features an interchangeable design, allowing for quick and easy changes without disassembling the rig.
  • Interchangeable system so feeder size and weights can be changed with ease.
  • Supplied with easy-to-use hook length connector.
  • The clip also allows you to adjust the length of hook length, and the direction of the hook point, and is easily released from the grip when a fish is hooked, making it totally fish safe.
  • Lead free.
  • Available in Medium (32g) and Large (42g) sizes.
  • See the MAP Embed Inline Feeder in our video below: