Learn to Fish with OpenSeason.ie

Learn to Fish with OpenSeason.ie

Learn to Fish with OpenSeason.ie - Step-by-Step Instructions

Since the schools closed over Covid-19, we've had a lot of queries from parents on how to teach their kids to fish.

Fishing is an ideal activity for these social-distancing times, as well as being a really absorbing and mindful outdoor activity for any age group.

With this in mind, we did a video  ⬇️⬇️ down on the shores of beautiful Lough Derg (wind howling, so please excuse that), to show you:

  • What you need;
  • How to set up;
  • How to cast/retrieve. 

We didn't catch a fish this time (the difference between fishing and catching is a life-lesson in itself!), so we didn't cover this aspect but will follow up on this later.



And to get you started, we've put together all the products shown in the video as a complete package at a special price of €49.99 - click here to view/buy.

Hope you find it useful!  Keep safe and we'll pull through this together.


Kevin & the Lads 





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