TiCA Samira SAAT Spin Reel




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TiCA Samira SAAT Spinning Reel

  • With over 30 years of experience in reel manufacturing and an annual production of over 1.5 million fishing reels, TiCA is one of the largest reel manufacturers on the German market.
  • The company is known to be passionate about invention and innovation and their new reel releases every year are an eagerly-anticipated event.
  • The Samira SAAT Spin reel makes casting a piece of cake.  Its uniquely designed line roller and bail system avoids line catching or line wear while providing the smoothest possible performance.
  • The new forged Aluminium spool also incorporates an aerodynamic shape and the new spool lip design that makes casting and retrieving effortless.
  • 10 corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel ball bearings.
  • Anti-twist rotor.
  • Drag knob with TRP waterproof seal.
  • Solid Aluminium bail wire.
  • Worm shaft system.
  • One-way clutch impact-absorbent ballbearing.
  • Computer balanced rotor.
  • Right/left interchangeable handle.
  • CNC machined Aluminium alloy handle.
  • Comfortable EVA handle knob.
  • Smooth carbon drag washers.
  • Built with many strong features, the powerful Samira X-Treme reel will make your next battle with big fish almost too easy!