Rapala Jointed Floating Lure - 9cm




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Rapala Jointed Floating Minnow Lure - 9cm

  • With its jointed, articulated design, the Rapala Jointed Floating Minnow perfectly mimics the movements of a baitfish in distress, and is hugely attractive to trout.
  • Another hugely-popular lure among our trout-fishing customers at OpenSeason.ie.
  • Its swimming action at the slowest of speeds makes this ideal after a cold front when fish are in a negative feeding mood. 
  • Balsa wood construction.
  • Broken back design.
  • Classic minnow shape.
  • 2 x No 10 VMC black nickel hooks.
  • Comes in several incredibly lifelike patterns.
  • Length: 9cm.
  • Weight: 7g.
  • Swim Depth: 1.5-2.1m.