Gehrke's Xink Wet Fly Sinkant



SKU: S009A

Gehrke's Xink Wet Fly Sinkant
  • A "wetter-than-water" solution, perfect for sinking your wet flies, leaders and tippets.
  • Also perfect to apply to nymphs, rather than using lead - the nymph sinks better and behaves better in the current than lead wrapped nymphs and can catch up to 3 times more fish.
  • Apply into the fibres of your fly to give a water-resistant coating which sinks your flies through the water.
  • Won't spill or evaporate.
  • Bottle top loop can be hung on a zinger.
  • Melts at skin temperature and does not cake.
  • An indispensable product for any wet fly angler.