Preston Innovations Floater Disgorger/Knot Picker

Preston Innovations


SKU: P0220048

Preston Innovations Floater Disgorger/Knot Picker
  • Preston's Floater Disgorger/Knot Picker features a double-sided disgorging tool, suitable for any medium and large sized fish.
  • As well as a disgorger, it acts as a super-handy Knot Picker, ideal for quickly removing knots, saving you valuable time.  To use the Knot Picker, just unscrew the central part and you will find a super-fine Knot Picker point.
  • Though designed for Coarse Angling, it also has applications for trout fishing.
  • Floating design, so can be easily retrieved if you drop it in the water.
  • Texturised finger grip areas for a non-slip use.
  • Colour: Blue/Black.