Core Hit Left-Handed Beginner's Archery Set (Bow, Arrows & Accessories)



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Core Hit Left-Handed Beginner's Archery Set (Bow, Arrows & Accessories)

  • An excellent wooden Recurve Bow kit, with everything you need to start off younger/beginner archers and adults.  The kit contains:
    • 1 x wooden take down recurve bow;
    • 1 x Bow Stringer;
    • 1 x Recurve Rest;
    • 1 x bow string with finger protection;
    • 1 x bow sight;
    • 1 x Sleeve armguard;
    • 1 x Recurve Bow Case;
    • 3 x Arrows.
  • Bow Length: 66".
  • Left-Handed - for use by a left-handed archer (left eye, left hand pulls the string).
  • Available in Medium or Strong versions
    • Medium - draw strength 20-25lb - ideal for older teenagers & women;
    • Strong - draw strength 28-34lb - suitable for all adults.
  • Free Delivery anywhere in Ireland.
    • Kevin says: "Archery bows come in two basic models - Recurve & Compound.  Recurve Bows are the more straightforward type.  The power increases as you pull the bow back.  The Compound Bow uses a system of pulleys and wheels to provide the power - it feels harder to pull as you start pulling back, but softens as you pull.  This Beginner's Recurve Bow set would make an excellent gift for any younger/beginner archer as it has everything you need to get you going."