Browning Xi-Match Hollow Elastic



SKU: 6357023

Browning Xi-Match Hollow Elastic
  • New from Browning, the Xi-Match Hollow Elastic is a fantastic new hollow elastic with the highly-popular X7 stretch, and available in great value 6m packs.
  • The long-life of this elastic means you have to change it less often, even when fishing big weight venues.
  • It's unbeatable stretch (above 700%) means that losing fish from pull-outs is virtually impossible.
  • The long 6m length means three one-piece or two two-piece kits can be elasticated from a single pack, making it great value too. 
  • A very durable elastic, available in colour-coded diameters from 2.1mm (rating 8+) to 2.9mm (rating 16+).