Savage Gear 3D Perch Shad Slow Sink Lure

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Savage Gear 3D Perch Shad Slow Sink Lure

  • Developed using a 4D scan of a real perch - super-realistic look and feel with perfect detailing.
  • Extremely lifelike action in water.
  • Irresistible to large predators.
  • Perfect for trolling and casting.
  • Integrated lead-free weight.
  • Large paddle tail which rocks seductively in the water, sending out predator-attracting clicks.
  • Tournament-quality hooks.
  • Various sizes and patterns available.
  • The smaller size is ready-rigged, with the belly treble mounted on a swivel, so the pike has a harder time getting rid of the hook.
  • The large (67g) size has Savage Gear's superb Line-Thru design, rigged with Line-Thru modifier and changeable rig, ensuring that the lure slides up the trace and away from the gnashing teeth.