DAM Effzett Swim Blade Fishing Lure

DAM Effzett


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DAM Effzett Swim Blade Lure - Various Colours/Sizes
  • The Effzett Swim Blade is a new concept of jointed metal vibration blade lures.
  • Shaped and designed to be extremely life-like, imitating an escaping baitfish.
  • Highly attractive to perch and pike.
  • Wide flanking tail action and deep vibration sets this apart from regular one-piece metal lures.
  • One ultra-sharp Effzett treble at the belly.
  • Folds up when attacked by the predator, ensuring a high hook-up rate.
  • Works best with a steady medium to high retrieve speed.
  • Environmentally-friendly non-lead construction.
  • 2 pieces per pack.