Savage Gear 3D Hybrid Pike Lure

Savage Gear

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Savage Gear 3D Hybrid Pike Fishing Lure - Various Sizes/ Patterns

    • A highly-realistic baby pike imitation with 3D scanned details.
    • Will attract even the wariest predator.
    • Life-like movement in water due to the paddle tail.
    • Clicking rattle for additional interest.
    • Can be fished slow, allowing the tail to entice the predator.
    • Innovative release rig which allows the rear hook to detach from the lure body when a fish is hooked and which also protects the body of the lure from bite damage.
    • Slow sink.
    • Tournament trebles and components.
    • Corkscrew tail mount.
    • Multiple action, riggings and run depths.
    • 17cm - hook size #1
    • 25cm - hook sizes #2/0 + #1/0.
    • Take a look at the 3D Hybrid Pike product video below!