Birchwood Casey ShootNC Reactive Targets

Birchwood Casey


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Birchwood Casey ShootNC Reactive Targets (5 Pack)

  • With Birchwood Casey's ShootNC design, bullet holes are revealed with bright yellow rings for easy visibility and instant feedback.
  • Five targets on each sheet - 1 large central target and 4 peripheral smaller targets.
  • Convenient 1" numbered grid lines simplify scope adjustments.
  • Ideal for close-range target shooting with airguns/.22 rimfire/ centrefire guns.
  • Self-adhesive so can be stuck to most surfaces.
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor, and in low-light conditions.
  • Comes with self-adhesive stickers to cover up bullet holes and lengthen the life of each target.
  • 5 targets per pack.
  • Kevin says: "See how Birchwood Casey's unique ShootNC design works in action in the video below - the design allows you to immediately see where on the target you have hit."