MAP Long Hook Length Storage Box



SKU: R1010

MAP Long Hook Length Storage Box
  • This MAP Long Hook Length Box is designed to store hook lengths from 2"-3' (5-91cm)
  • Slotted foam to keep your hook lengths in place.
  • The pins are positioned 1cm apart, allowing a multitude of different lengths to be stored.
  • The configuration also allows for 15cm hook lengths to be stored at each end of the box, further maximising your storage.
  • The box includes 10 x rubber grommets to prevent damage when storing longer feeder hook lengths.
  • Double sided, allowing you to house an amazing 1200 hook lengths..
  • Smoked grey translucent and UV-resistant lid allows for easy visual of your hook lengths, while protecting them from damaging sunlight.
  • Built-in measuring tool.
  • White inner plate allowing you to label your hook sizes/lengths with a ballpoint pen.
  • Enlarged base end suitable for hair rigs and pellet bands.