No More Soggy Bottoms!

No More Soggy Bottoms!

We like to make sure our customers are comfy and dry, no matter what they're getting up to outdoors!  So when we saw the Wychwood Boat Seat last year, we knew it was exactly what we were looking for.  Unlike many similar products on the market, it has a fully mesh seat and back, ensuring that water doesn't sit - causing you soggy bum discomfort - and also that the seat dries quickly when you get it home. 

It also detaches easily from your boat to bring it home at the end of the day, and folds up for easy transport & storage.  

The seat swivels in every direction, through 360 degrees, so you have no excuse for missing that bite!  

And finally - this is no word of a lie - these Wychwood Boat Seats sell out almost immediately every time we get them in, so if you're in the market and you see we have them available, don't hang about! 

Here's Kevin to give you a better look at this Boat Seat.

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