Westin Swim Glidebait Sinking Lure



Westin Swim Glidebait Sinking Lure

  • This is the original Westin Swim Glidebait - a firm favourite among fishing guides, because it works!  You cast it, and you catch fish with it - simple!
  • The Swim is a great multi-species lure, for catching species such as Northern Pike, Perch and Bass.
  • It can be fished with “pull and wind” or on a steady retrieve, slow or fast, to create the action of a wounded, panicking baitfish and the panic can be increased with faster retrieves and regular pauses.
  • As soon as the reel starts turning the unique S-curve swimming action of the Westin Swim will give you the very best odds.
  • Sinking.
  • Lead-free.
  • Strong ABS plastic construction.
  • Ultra-sharp carbon steel hooks.
  • Full wire-through-body construction.
  • Long casting design
  • Hand painted detailed colours.
  • Available in 12cm and 15cm versions in a variety of colours, the Swim is a highly versatile fish-catching machine.