Tronixpro Mackerel Feathers - Coloured




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Tronixpro Assorted Multicolour Mackerel Feathers

  • From the best-selling Tronixpro range of sea fishing rigs.
  • Traditional, best-selling mackerel fishing feathers.
  • Available in a variety of hook sizes to suit any sea species.
  • Comes equipped with a swivel for connection to your main line and a clip at the end of the rig to attach your lead.
  • Ideal for fishing all sea species, particularly mackerel, pollock, cod and coalfish.
  • Can be baited to tempt many other species, especially when boat fishing.
  • Breaking Strain by Hook Size:
    • 6 - Main Line 40lb, Branch Line - 12lb.
    • 1/0 - Main Line 45lb, Branch Line - 30lb.
  • An assortment of bright, vivid attractive colours.
  • 6 pieces per pack.