Westin Tommy The Trout Fishing Lure



Westin Tommy The Trout Fishing Lure - Various Sizes/Patterns

  • Westin's Tommy The Trout Lure is an excellent, highly-realistic hybrid lure, designed for maximum attractiveness to pike.
  • Extremely realistic-looking trout, with small details such as wobbling pectoral and pelvic fins that move erratically through the water, as well as lifelike eyes, scales and colouring.
  • Fitted with front wobbler for additional water disturbance.
  • Low buoyancy for a slow rise to the surface.
  • Front and top eyelets.
  • Japanese style carbon steel treble hooks.
  • Lead-free.
  • Various size options:
    • 25cm/160g - size 2/0 hooks - running depth: 2-5m.
    • 15cm/37g - size 1 hooks - running depth: 1-2m.