ThoMar Multi-Dry Dehumidifier Bag



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ThoMar Multi-Dry Dehumidifier Bag
  • The ThoMar Multi-Dry Dehumidifier Bag is a really ingenious, super-handy product, with a variety of uses around the house or shed.
  • Filled with a combination of clay granules and calcium chloride, it can absorb up to an amazing 600g of water.
  • It can be hung in any area prone to excess moisture, or as a preventative measure to protect your guns, machinery or equipment from moisture, i.e.
    • Within your gun cabinet;
    • Under motorbike covers during winter storage;
    • Caravans, boats or trailers;
    • Utility rooms, stores, wet rooms or sheds.
  • As soon as the Multi-Dry has absorbed all the moisture it can (it will weigh approx 1.5-1.6kg at this point), it can be dried out again by simply placing it on a radiator or in the oven at 175°C. After about 4 to 5 hours, the Multi Dry is immediately ready to use again.
  • Dimensions: 35x16x9cm.
  • Weight: 1kg.
  • Colour: Green.