Stil Crin Bore Blitz Rifle Pull Through Cleaning Kit

Stil Crin


SKU: 7122316

Stil Crin Bore Blitz Pull Through Cleaning Kits

  • Super-handy kit containing all you need to clean and maintain your rifle.
  • Cleaning pull-through style Bore-Blitz rope with thumb loop with;
    • 2 x integrated sponges (front & rear,) which you can soak with oil;
    • 2 x integrated rubber cleaning balls (front & rear);
    • Integrated counterweight to drop down through the barrel;
  • 25ml squeezy bottle of Stil Crin gun cleaning oil.
  • All contained in a convenient zip-lock plastic storage bag.
  • Full instructions for use.
  • Available in multiple calibres and also available in shotgun and pistol versions.