Starfish Cooked Groundbait Grains - Natural Hemp - 1kg



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Starfish Cooked Grains - Natural Hemp - 1kg
  • Starfish Cooked Grains is a range of natural, quality, graded seeds which have been boiled and vacuum-packed in 1kg re-sealeable bags.
  • They are ideal to mix with any of the Starfish groundbaits to add texture and interest.
  • They can also be used on their own as loose feed, deposited directly into the water, or used on the hook.
  • The Natural Hemp version is a key tool in any coarse angler's arsenal, as a known attractant for all breeds of coarse fish.
  • It can be added to groundbait, put in a feeder or loose-fed via catapult or by hand.
  • 1kg bag.
  • Colour: Dark Brown.