Allcock Shannon Spoon Pike Lure - 5"




Allcock Shannon Spoon Pike Lure - 5" 
  • A great favourite down through the years with UK and Irish anglers.
  • Ideal to attract any kind of predator.
  • Plated spoon for great longevity.
  • Swivel and treble hook.
  • 4 colours specifically designed to replicate the main species found in the Shannon - Copper (resembles a Rudd/Hybrid), Roach, Trout & Perch.
  • Kevin says: "These Shannon Spoons are massively popular on Lough Derg.  Our customers have been telling us they've had huge success catching large pike with these.  Here’s some photos sent in by a few of our customers of whopper pikes they caught using our Shannon Spoons.”