Shakespeare Superteam FR 4500 Feeder Reel



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Shakespeare Superteam FR 4500 Feeder Reel
  • The Shakespeare Superteam FR 4500 is a lightweight and compact front drag Feeder reel, ideal for all short, medium and long-range work.
  • With oversized spools and double line clips, casting to multiple lines and fast retrieval is effortless.
  • Long cast spool design.
  • Balanced rotor design for optimum line lay.
  • 5+1 Ball Bearings.
  • Aluminium Handle.
  • Laser engraved design.
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1.
  • Mono Capacity m/mm: 0.20/190-0.25/120-0.30-85.
  • Braid Capacity m/mm: 0.2/125
  • Weight: 345g.
  • Double mono/braid friendly line clips.