Leeda Profil Cassette Reel & Spools



SKU: C0780

Leeda Profil Cassette Reel & Spools
  • An upgraded version of Leeda's highly popular Profile Cassette reel.
  • Good looks and superior performance, with a new large arbor design and new central disc drag system.
  • A modern classic design of reel that out-performs any other reel at this price point.
  • Included are 2 spare cassette spools so you can have a full armoury of floating, intermediate and sinking lines at your disposal while fishing.
  • Stylish aluminium body.
  • Ultra smooth central disc drag system.
  • Quick release spool.
  • Two additional spare spools.
  • Converts from LH to RH retrieve easily.
  • Capacity Information - 100m 20lb backing and 5/6 or 7/8 flyline, depending on model selected.