Rapala X-Rap Otus Curltail Pike Lure - 17cm & 25cm


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Rapala X-Rap Otus Curltail Pike Lure

  • The Rapala X-Rap Otus combines Rapala's fish-catching X-Rap® construction with a beautifully colour-matched curl tail to create a seamless hybrid bait.
  • Slow sink with a wide wafting tail, the X-Rap Otus is brilliant for cold water and challenging fishing conditions.
  • The body rolls side-to-side in the water and the oversized curl tail pulses on the retrieve.
  • When paused, the tail acts as a parachute, stabilising the lure as it slowly swims to the depths.
  • The tail is secured to the body with a 6-point stainless plate (replacement tail also included)
  • VMC Coastal Black treble hooks.
  • Solid connector rings and heavy-duty split rings.
  • Available in 17cm and 25cm versions.