Rapala Original F5 Floating Minnow Trout Lure - 5cm




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Rapala Original F5 Floating Minnow Lure - 5cm

  • The Rapala Original Floating Minnow Lure is one of the world's best-selling hard-body lures since 1936.
  • This lure looks fantastic, with a sleek, top-quality finish and a highly-attractive action in the water - it is irresistable to any trout.
  • At Open Season, we find this lure flies out the door during the early trout season on Lough Derg.
  • It has accounted for a large number of big trout catches among our customers every March and April.
  • It features a floating style lure/diving bib.
  • Quality split rings and trebles.
  • Super-sharp VMC trebles mounted at belly and tail.
  • Perfect for casting or light trolling.
  • Amazing rolling action on the retrieve.
  • As well as trout, this lure is also highly successful on estuary species such as bream and flathead.
  • Comes in several incredibly lifelike patterns.
  • Diving depth: 0.9-1.5m.
  • Length: 5cm.
  • Weight: 3g.