Stil Crin Universal Gun Cleaning Kit in Wooden Case

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Sorry, this item is out of stock Universal Gun Cleaning Kit in Wooden Case
  • Deluxe cleaning kit in an attractive wooden storage case, containing everything you need to clean and maintain your firearm.
  • Ideal for most shooters in Ireland, as it suits the three most common guns used in this country - 12 gauge shotgun, .22 or .223 rifle and 8mm/7.62 pistol.
  • A really great gift for the shooting fan in your life, the kit includes:
  • 9 x brushes:
    • 3 x white wool,;
    • 2 x Nylon;
    • 3 x Bronze;
    • 1 x Helical Bronze.
  • 3 rods:
    • 1 x 3 piece varnished wood;
    • 1 x 3 piece;
    • 1 x 2 piece brass rods).
  • Aluminum jag;
  • 20g gun grease tube;
  • 25ml spray oil can;
  • Patches (2.56"x3.35").
  • Sturdy, quality wooden case with brass fittings and dark green compartmentalised velour lining, to keep all accessories secured and in their place.