Rifle Cleaning Kit in Plastic Case

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SKU: 07122701 Rifle Cleaning Kit in Plastic Case
  • Cleaning kit with everything you need to clean and maintain your firearm.
  • Suitable for 12 gauge shotgun, .308 rifle or 9mm pistol.
  • A fantastic gift idea for the shooting enthusiast in your life.
  • The kit includes:
    • 3 brushes (wool, Nylon, brass);
    • 3 piece plastic coated steel rod;
    • Patch holder and brush;
    • 125ml can of spray oil;
    • 20g tube of white grease;
    • 25ml bottle of solvent;
    • Patches 3.94"x1.69"
  • Robust plastic carry/storage case with handle.
  • Foam insert lining in case to keep the individual items secure and stop them from rolling around.
  • Available in a range of calibres.