Open Season Magnetic Shotgun Bead Sights (Narrow/Wide)

Open Season


SKU: 07122473

Open Season Magnetic Shotgun Bead Sights

  • Magnetic fibre optic fluorescent sight.
  • Mount onto the rib of any shotgun to improve your accuracy, and encourage better gun handling and positioning.
  • Fluorescent, so helps shooting in low light conditions.
  • Magnetic grip, so locks easily onto the rib of your shotgun with no need for glue and can be removed when not required.
  • Available in Green or Red, in Narrow or Wide versions.
  • Narrow: suited to Game Shotguns.
    • 60mm long, up to 9mm rib width.
  • Wide: suited to Sporting & Clay Pigeon Shotguns.
    • 60mm (long), up to 12mm (rib width).