Open Season Ammo Lock Box & Carry Case

Open Season


SKU: 07122310

Open Season Ammunition Lock Box & Carry Case
  • Robust black plastic ammo carry case.
  • Will fit 8 boxes of 12 gauge shotgun cartridges and multiple boxes of metallic .22, .243., .270 and .308 rifle ammo.
  • Can be fitted with padlock for complete security (not included but can be purchased here).
  • Slide locks next to handle with padlock holes either side which make the case childproof/tamperproof.
  • Kevin says: "Garda regulations require any ammunition being transported by car to be carried in a locked box - some of our customers have told us that they have been cautioned at checkpoints for not adhering to this.  This carry case will ensure that you are compliant with this regulation".