Nokkela BigTail Hybrid Pike Lure



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Nokkela BigTail Hybrid Pike Lure - 50g/70g/90g

  • Brand new to and unique to the Irish market, we sourced these amazing pike lures in Finland, on the enthusiastic recommendation of our own Patrick, who has been using them for several years for his own pike fishing and with his Shannon Boat Hire customers.
  • The Nokkela is a hybrid lure, combining a hard head and a soft tail, so it combines the shake of a hard lure and the waving movement of a soft bait.
  • The movement starts at very low speed, but can amp up to high speed in reeling. 
  • Also ideal for trolling.
  • Though the Nokkela BigTail is fast-sinking, it keeps more or less the depth where reeling starts, so it is also possible to use it in even shallow waters.
  • Unique sliding leader which means the lure will (mostly) come out of the pike's mouth after it strikes and the pike can't use the lure body as leverage to free itself.
  • Length: 190mm.
  • Material: Head - ABS; Tail: Plasticol Silicone.
  • Leader: double loop 0.60mm 7x7 strand steel wire coated with strong carbon copolymer.
  • Size #1 chemically-sharpened hook.
  • Available in a range of great, pike-attracting colours.
  • Weight: 50g, 70g, 90g.
  • Anglers' reviews of the Nokkela BigTail Hybrid Pike Lure:
    • "My first cast - over a meter Pike!"
    • "Perhaps my best lure ever!"
    • "Thanks, excellent lure."