Mustad UltraPoint Ball Bearing Swivel with Stay-Lok Snap




Mustad UltraPoint Ball Bearing Swivel with Stay-Lok Snap
  • Mustad Stay-Lock Snap with Ball Bearing Swivel is a terminal tackle item comprised of a stay-lock snap and a ball bearing swivel with dual welded rings.
  • The premium ball bearing swivel offers smooth rotation that eliminate lines twist and keeps the attached lure or bait swimming correctly.
  • Mustad's Stay-Lok Snaps are super-powerful lure pins, manufactured from robust Stainless Steel material.  Their unique double-locking system ensures that the pin cannot be pulled open during the fight, making them indispensable for any predator angler going after the biggest fighting fish.
  •  The Stay-Lok snap also provides an efficient way for anglers to switch out their lures - it's commonly used to connect trolling leaders or other accessories used for the application.
  • Welded rings ensure line will not get caught in crevices and also improves the strength of the ring minimizing any chance at failure.
  • Highly reliable under all circumstances.
  • Easy to attach to the main or bottom line,
  • Made from Strong Stainless steel wire.
  • 7 x pieces per pack.
  • Colour: Silver.