Jarvis Walker Worm Proof Lure Box

Jarvis Walker


SKU: 40148

Jarvis Walker Worm Proof Adjustable Lure Box

  • From Jarvis Walker, Australia's leading fishing tackle brand, this is a great range of sturdy lure boxes that will stand up to a bit of action.
  • Clear plastic, single tray for quick visibility without needing to open the box.
  • Adjustable compartments so you can organise your kit as you wish.
  • Sturdy snap closures that give a tight and secure seal.
  • Fits a variety of terminal tackle and lures.
  • A range of models in various sizes:
    • Small (LB1000) - 22.5x11x3cm;
    • Medium (LB2000) - 19x13x4cm;
    • Large (LB3000) - 22.5x11x3cm;
    • XL (LB4000) - 33x21.5x5cm.