Leeda RTF (Ready To Fish) Pre-Loaded Fly Fishing Reel



SKU: C0120

Leeda RFT (Ready to Fish) Pre-Loaded Fly Reel

  • Great value, price and functionality in this RFT reel, available in 5/6 and 7/8 versions.
  • Ideal for the new or occasional fly angler.
  • As the name suggests, the reel is ready to fish out of the box, complete with:
    • 100m of backing;
    • Fly line (5/6 - WF6F line and 7/8 - WF7F line)
    • 6lb tapered leader.
  • Strong but lightweight graphite frame and spool.
  • Large arbour design for reduced line memory and fast retrieve.
  • Smooth central disc drag mechanism.
  • Audible check mechanism.