Korum S23 Accessory Chair (Deluxe)



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Korum S23 Accessory Chair (Deluxe)
  • The Korum S23 Accessory Chair is much more than a fishing chair - with the ability to add accessories to its legs, it's more like a chair/seatbox hybrid.
  • It has a unique patented adjustable vertical leg design.
  • The legs are a rounded 23mm square design to improve stability and make the chair easier to use with chair accessories.
  • The Deluxe S23 model features a new reclining armrest system, where the armrest can be simply moved out of the way on one, or both sides
  • Telescopic legs.
  • Quick-fold lightweight frame.
  • Swivelling, adjustable mudfoot on each leg for uneven ground, and particularly useful for sloping banks.
  • Comfortable chair seat with thick padding, made from 600D Korum fabric with breathable mesh panels.
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