Opinel Outdoor Knife Sheath



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Opinel Outdoor Knife Sheath
  • From the makers of the world-famous Opinel brand, manufactured in the Alpine Savoie region of France since 1872.
  • Sturdy but stylish synthetic sheath, to protect your knife during its daily use.
  • Rear loop belt, allowing you to wear your Opinel tool on your person.
  • Snap button fastener to hold your Opinel in place.
  • Available in Medium, Large & Extra-Large sizes.
  • Medium fits:
    • Opinel traditional knives N°07, N°08 & N°09;
    • Opinel Slim knives 8 & 10.
  • Large fits:
    • Opinel traditional knives N°09 & N°10;
    • Opinel Slim knife: N°10;
    • Opinel Mushroom knife N°8;
    • Opinel Cork-Screw knife N°10.
  • Extra-Large fits:
    • Opinel traditional knife N°12;
    • Opinel Explore knife N°12;
    • Opinel Saw N°12.
  • Colour:  Brown & Olive with Orange straps.