Grey's G4 Polarised Angling Sunglasses *15% OFF & FREE Lanyard*


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Grey's G4 Polarised Angling Sunglasses  *15% OFF & FREE Lanyard*
  • These G4 Sunglasses from Grey's are an excellent quality product, featuring the best-quality materials, at a very affordable price.
  • Polarised, shatterproof Polycarbonate lens, with a hydrophobic treatment to reduce water spots and make them easier to clean.
  • Polarisation dramatically reduces sun glare, and is particularly useful for water-based activities, though this makes them also also ideal for driving, watching sport, sailing, or any outdoor sport/activity.
  • Their anti-reflective lens back coating additionally cuts glare reflection directly into your eyes.
  • 100% UVA & UVB protection.
  • Matt or Gloss Black frames.
  • *15% OFF and FREE Lanyard, for a limited time, while stocks last!*
  • Kevin says: "We always recommend sunglasses with polarised lenses to our customers.  They are ideal for any activity where you will be outdoors for extended periods, but they are equally fantastic for everyday wear, especially when driving.  They totally eliminate sun-glare, and keep your eyes more rested than non-polarised versions.  For anglers, they offer a great view into the water to see what your prey is up to."
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