Forge of Lures Wobbler Pike Lure

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Forge of Lures Wobbler Pike Lure
  • Unique on the Irish market, we are really excited to welcome this superb German handmade pike lure brand Forge of Lures, introduced by Patrick Rottmaier, who is familiar with this small, quality brand from his days in Germany and who uses them regularly, with great success, on Lough Derg.
  • This Forge of Lures Wobbler is a superb-quality hard lure with bright, inviting UV colours, sealed with epoxy resin.
  • Ideal for targeting large pike.
  • Can be used for trolling or casting, but ideally for trolling.
  • Oversized front diving vane gives the lure a rolling, wobbling action in the water.
  • Fitted with belly and tail-mounted trebles.
  • Silent (no rattles).
  • Length: 17cm.
  • Weight: 100g.
  • Running Depth: 2m.
  • Colour: Lemon Trout.
  • Product Video: here, Kevin gives you a look at our Forge of Lures range of handmade pike lures!

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