Highlander First-Aid Kit - Midi Pack



SKU: FA101

First Aid Kit - Lightweight & Ideal for Travel, Hiking, Camping

  • Medium-sized, easily-packed/portable First Aid Kit.
  • Perfect for hiking expeditions, travel or camping trips.
  • Kit contains:
    • 5x5cm low adhesive dressing;
    • 6x Assorted safety pins;
    • 5x Antiseptic wipes;
    • 4cmx1cm Fabric strip;
    • 2x 7.5cmx4.5cm Wow bandage;
    • 1.25cmx1cm microporous tape;
    • 7.5cmx4.5cm Crepe bandage;
    • A pair of vinyl gloves;
    • 1x Scissors.
  • Pouch with water-resistant, full-diameter zip for easy access.
  • Belt loop with poppers for easy carrying on your belt.
  • Pack Dimensions: 13x10x5cm.
  • Weight: 200g.