Deerhunter Sneaky Ghillie Pullover Stalking Suit - Hood, Facemask & Gloves



SKU: 2021LXL

Deerhunter Sneaky Ghillie Pullover Suit - Integrated Hood, Facemask & Gloves

  • Disappear into your surroundings when stalking your prey, with Deerhunter's specially designed pull-over Ghillie set.
  • A full-cover camouflage suit, the set includes:
    • A long-length pullover with integrated peaked hood and facemask;
    • Full length pull-on trousers;
    • Gloves with textured rubber dot palms and fingers, for superior grip on your gun, even in wet weather conditions.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • Colour: Innovation GH Camouflage (50).
  • Care & Cleaning: a wide range of specialist cleaning products for your outdoor & waterproof clothing available in our Hillwalking Accessories section.