Coast XP11R Rechargeable Hand-Held/Scope-Mounted Torch



SKU: 30372

Coast XP11R Rechargeable/Dual Power Hand-Held/Scope-Mounted Torch
  • Coast XP11R Rechargeable/Dual Power Hand-Held/Scope-Mounted TorchExtremely lightweight, compact hand-held torch perfect for any outdoor activity such as fishing, hunting, camping or walking/hiking.
  • Can also be mounted on a rifle scope via a simple clamp (sold separately) - the torch is bright enough for night-time hunting and avoids the need to carry a separate spotlamp.
  • Quick-cycle system to take you through the torch's 3 settings: Low, Medium, High.
  • Powerful white LED with output of 2100 lumens (on High setting).
  • Coach's patented Pure Beam Focus system, permitting you to move from a full-flood beam to a precise spot beam with a simple slide focus.
  • 220m beam distance.
  • Fully rechargeable, with Zithion-X rechargeable battery included and integrated USB-C charging port. 
  • Dual Power option - can also be powered via 2 x standard CR123 batteries.
  • Battery life indicator.
  • IP54 chunky-grip, dust-resistant and weather-proof cover.
  • Run-time ranges from 5 hours on the highest light output, up to 7 hours 15 minutes on medium mode, and 37 hours on low mode.
  • Made by Coast, who have almost 100 years' expertise in the design of lamps and torches.