Coast HP314R Ultimate Distance Focusing LED Torch (Rechargeable)


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Coast HP314R Ultimate Distance Focusing LED Torch (Rechargeable)
  • Super-bright, highly durable hand torch made by Coast, who have almost 100 years' expertise in the design of lamps and torches.
  • Dual Power - rechargeable (Lithium Ion battery - included), or traditional battery-operated (4xD Cell batteries - included).
    • Replacement batteries available here.
  • Powerful white LED with output of 1200 lumens (alkaline battery on High setting) or 1000 lumens (rechargeable battery on High).
  • Long-range focus, from 841 (alkaline battery on high) to 821m (rechargeable battery on High).
  • Easily adjustable between flood-beam and targeted spot-beam and High/Low settings via the torch's simple slide focus system.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • USB power port and Pro-Tek charging port (charge with AC, DC or USB).
  • Battery charges inside or outside of the torch.
  • Shoulder strap with attachment rings.
  • Belt ring and loop.
  • EVA carry/storage case.
  • Also available in battery-only version.
  • Run-time ranges from 10 hours (rechargeable battery/High power mode) to  3 hours 15 minutes (alkaline/High mode), to 94 hours on low mode.
  • Kevin says: "We have sold this torch to a variety of customers, from farmers to railroad employees, and it is particularly popular with hunters and those working in the security sector.  It gives an astonishingly bright and long-distance beam".